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Flower Show Results 2014

The day the mobile library visits Cantley and Limpenhoe is changing from Fridays to Tuesdays, more information here.

Footpath closures have been announced, please see the links below for further details

Footpath Closure Orders
Footpath Closure Map

Cantley Parish Council held it's annual meeting on 1st May. Each year a number of reports are generated by individuals and bodies who have responsibility in Cantley and the surrounding area.

Cantley Parish Council Annual Reports

Work on the Postwick Hub Junction is something that will effect most of us in Cantley. Here is some information.

Postwick Hub Roadworks Newsletter No.2
Postwick Hub Roadworks Newsletter No.1
Postwick Hub Timeline Presentation

Cantley & Limpenhoe Book Poster

The book will be available at the following outlets...

City Bookshop, Norwich
Jarrolds, Norwich
WH Smith, Great Yarmouth
Reedham Post Office

Anyone who has difficulty obtaining a copy can contact Sheila Hutchinson by email at to order a copy (total price of £11.40 including Post & Packing in the UK.)

From Friday 4th April, the day and time the mobile library service visits Cantley and Limpenhoe will change. Currently it visits on Tuesdays but this will change to Fridays.
Please see New day and times for Mobile Library

British Sugar - Construction of thick juice tank.
A letter regarding landscaping.

The new Cantley Parish Newsletter is out.

An interesting article on Cantley from

Just before Christmas, heavy machinery was transported along the River Yare for the first time in 25 years as 270 tonnes of energy saving equipment was delivered to Cantley Factory.

Images of delivery by barge to Cantley Factory
EDP article

Cantley Factory are seeking planning permission for a new storage tank. Please see Notes from Special Public Meeting with British Sugar held on Thursday 16th May here

It's good to see the FOCUS team receiving recognition for keeping our station looking beautiful.

FOCUS Photos and Certificates

I recently received an email from Robert George at WiSpire. They are a company who provide wireless broadband and will be starting a service in our area within the next couple months. For more information please see WiSpire's Press Release and visit their site at

The EDP recently paid a visit to Cantley Station and published an article about the FOCUS team and their efforts to keep our station looking beautiful. The Story can be viewed here.

Broadland Brass are a small band based in Cantley. They play concerts locally throughout the year and practice every Wednesday evening, from 7.30-9.15pm, in the Cantley Sugar Beet Factory Social Club. Please see their re-designed website at

Cantley Staithe Logo

Visit the Cantley Staithe page for
mooring information, reports and photos

I've had a request for information regarding the Upton and Cantley Freshwater Angling Club. Can anyone help? Please email

Cantley Staithe Opening: Sept 18th 2010

Cantley Staithe Pictures

For those interested in learning more about computers you may be interested in the Norwich Computer User Group.