Factory Home

Dear Mr Bootman

Please find attached my letter of objection to the British Sugar Planning Application BA/2013/0072/FUL.

I handed in a letter of objection last week, however this is a newer version and contains more pertinent facts that refer to the 1997 Adopted Broads Local Plan.

I would also like to point out that there are no notices up anywhere that inform the local residents of this proposal, especially as it will have a devasting effect on their recreational pursuits, being that the proposed new tank is being placed directly on what is regarded as "common land" used by dog walkers, children, etc. It is the natural strip of land that seperates the factory from the dwellings.

This proposal has far more reaching effects than just on a a few houses, bad as that is. It requires a public debate in which the public should be able to voice their concerns. Unfortunately, due to the tight timeframe imposed the public are only just becoming aware of the impending proposed monstrosity that is going to blight the village.

I urge you therefore to allow that public debate to be held before any attempt to rush through this disaster is taken.

As you will see I have copied in Robert Beadle (Chairman of Cantley Parish Council), Kirstin Saunders (Clerk to Cantlet Parish Council) and Andrew Proctor (our local councillor).

Kind regards,

Nigel Tuck (Vice Chair, Cantley Parish Council)

Letter of objection