Factory Home

Dear Anne Edwards, Editor of Great Yarmouth Mercury

I thought I would write to you as I believe this story holds some very important local interest with some far reaching conequences.

British Sugar have recently lodged a planning application at the Broads Authority that will change the landscape of Norfolk forever, increase the level of lorry movement considerably, but more importantly plunge half of Cantley into early morning darkness.

Planning application BA/2013/0072/FUL is without doubt the most significant planning proposal that British Sugar have presented since the erection of their famous silos all those many years ago. The proposal is for a new storage tank that will contain syrup to be constructed right behind the properties on Station Road, Cantley.

The storage tank is an absolute giant. It is 29 meters high and 50 meters wide in diameter. To put that into context, it is not that far short of the height of the existing silos that can be seen from miles and miles away. And it is going to be placed within a stone’s throw to the back of the gardens of local residents.

But not only that. It is being placed directly in line of where the sun rises in the morning. So that once the storage tank is in place, a shadow will engulf half of Cantley in the early morning until the sun breaks free from behind the tank.

And what makes it worse is that the local residents are only now just waking up to that awful realisation because there has been no public consultation. This most significant of planning applications, that will alter not only the Norfolk landscape, but blight the lives of many residents has not been given the airtime it deserves.

Every aspect of the proposal goes against the Broads Authority’s own 1997 Adopted Broads Local Plan, specifically policy CAN 1, which unequivocally sets out exactly what British Sugar can and can’t do, especially “there would be no significant adverse effect on the residential amenity of adjoining or nearby occupiers”

So the question we have to ask ourselves is quite simple. Do we trust the Broads Authority to support their own plan? Or do we suspect that as British Sugar have gone to the trouble and expense to raise this proposal that the Broads Authority will ignore it?

Kind regards

Nigel Tuck

Vice Chairman, Cantley Parish Council