Poster Competition 2018

Subject ”Trains”


Group 1 Classes 3 & 4
1st Arun Thompson – £20.00 book token
2nd Albert Goodrum – £10.00 book token
3rd Zachary Saward –  £5.00 book token
4th Jack Scott – pens
4th Morgan Smith – pens
(Book tokens sponsored by the Wherry Lines)

Group 2 Class 1 & 2
1st William Tate – £20.00 book token
2nd Christopher Norris – £10.00 book token
3rd Lily Ann Kemp – £5.00 book token
4th Olive May Demarco – pens
4th Lara Kalli – pens
(Book tokens sponsored by Flower Show)

Class Prize
A rail trip sponsored by Greater Anglia goes to Class 4.

We would like to thank: – The children of Cantley school for their lovely posters; FOCUS with the help of Greater Anglia for providing a permanent display of posters on Cantley Station; The Wherry Lines and the Flower Show for providing the book tokens and Greater Anglia for providing the train ticket for the class outing. Thank you also to those families who attended the Show. We look forward to seeing you next year.