Poster Competition 2019

Subject ”Norwich to Yarmouth 175 years 1844-2019”


Group 1 Classes 3 & 4
1st Tegan Hewetson – £20.00 book token
2nd Elsie Dack – £10.00 book token
3rd Devan Leon Wright –  £5.00 book token
4th Jack Scott – pens
4th Lara Kalli – pens
(Book tokens sponsored by the Wherry Lines)

Group 2 Class 1 & 2
1st Amber Wones-Ball – £20.00 book token
2nd Jimmy Miller – £10.00 book token
3rd Olive DeMarco – £5.00 book token
4th Jack Crawford – pens
4th Oliver Sheldrake – pens
(Book tokens sponsored by Flower Show)

We would like to thank:- The children of Cantley school for their lovely posters; FOCUS with the help of Greater Anglia for providing a permanent display of posters on Cantley Station; the Wherry Lines and the Flower Show for providing the book tokens. Thank you also to those families who attended the Show. We look forward to seeing you next year.